Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plodding on

P/L since last update: +£226.96
Month to date P/L: +£270.32

It's been very much a rollercoaster since my first "new" post. I think at my worst point I was down around 200 on the month so it has been a lot of hard work, late nights and good fortune since to turn it around.

I use two laptops, BOTH of which were out of commission all over the weekend. I did little to nothing over those days except for phone losing bets through. At one point I lost 5 bets in a row despite backing nothing over 3/1 and actually a couple of odds-on shots too! That was when I fell to the lowest point of the month so far.

I did have some fun and games phoning bets through though. I had a modest lay of Selby against Ricky Walden in the Masters Snooker at the start of the match but at 5-5 in a best of 11 I thought it would be wise to just either level up the profit or get my liability back to zero. I rang up Betfair and was put on hold listening to some Australian telling me how I could back in-play. Ironic really as that was the exact thing I was trying to do. I am not exaggarating when I say I was on the phone for 3 minutes and did not speak to an operator. By this time the frame had long since started so I hung up and hoped for the best. As Sod's law would have it, Selby won.

I got my laptop back on Monday and have been trading pretty much flat out since. It's a busy time, what with the Masters all day and Tennis in Australia all night!

An interesting position popped up for me last night in the Federer v Verdasco match. I laid Federer @ 1.07 pretty early on in the match. Verdasco managed to get it back to 1-1. Now Federer was trading @ 1.33/34. I'm still unsure as to whether I did the right thing here in letting the trade run a little longer. Not long later he was 1.19 and I cut there for zero liability leaving me a little money to play with later on. He did go out as far as 1.6x later on which led me to believe I may have done the worst possible thing. I am working on how I would play this next time this situation arises.

On the wedding front, my fiancee and her mother seem to have everything under control! Just looks like all I have to do is turn up! In the meantime, feet up, relax and watch some snooker and tennis :)

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