Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting everything afresh

Month to date P/L: +£43.37

Happy new year to you all and hope you all had a good Christmas. You may have noticed that all the old posts here have been removed. This is because I'm looking to start over again. Call it a new years resolution if you like.

I started the new year off in Dublin where I got engaged. We are looking to get married in November so in true Betfair Trader fashion I will be using this blog to record profit (or loss) that will be saved for my wedding (or not!).

So, the first week of the new year is complete and there have been many trading opportunities. Unfortunately I had a bit of a nightmare over the last two days and that put a real dent into what was looking like an exceptional beginning. I had a big chunk on Gulbis to beat Mathieu in Brisbane yesterday and he got absolutely battered. Looked a good price to me at the time! Also done a chunk on Webster to beat Walton today in the darts. He played like a tosser and lost 4-0. I wouldn't have minded so much but that was my bet of the day!

As you will see from the Profit/Loss shots below I had an absolute nightmare in the Wildcard games this weekend, showing profit on only the first match of the four. The Championship League snooker which is showing on BF Live Video has been somewhat of a saving grace.

The two shots are from the two different wallets, Main and Australian:

I am still using BF at the moment. There is a reason for this that I'd rather not go into on the blog, at least at present. I did try Betdaq for a while but found the liquidity still a little low so I decided to find another way, which I did. I feel like I should boycott BF and I think eventually I will but not just yet ;)

Well, this post is not really well structured or well thought out but it's a start! I will attempt to update about 4/5 times a month hopefully right up until the wedding. Whatever you do, be lucky!


amorphous said...

Glad to see you back Gareth.

Congrats on getting engaged!!!

Probably do your trading wonders, having a goal to aim at.

All the best

Alan (formerly the betfait loser!!_

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Gareth,

Great to see a green figure on your first post back and congratulations on the engagement!

I trust it's to a Merthyr girl?!?

All the best,


STST said...

Thanks Alan,

I would hope so :) I will be updating links when I get the chance, I promise!


Your trust is misplaced! She is in fact an American. A good old southern gal! Thanks :)